Breast increase

It is a surgery whose objective is to achieve a breast increase. The breast can either be diminished by a lack of or little development or by the decrease of its volume after the breastfeeding.

The size to be increased will depend mainly on the objectives of the patients, although they will always have the surgeon’s advice about the ideal size according to each patient’s height and physical constitution.

The implants can be anatomical (with the natural form of the breast) or rounded, which still enjoy more popularity, in addition to having a more accessible price.

Both should be of the best Quality and Guaranteed for Life.

The placement could be made through the areola, through the inferior line of the breast or through the armpit. It could be placed behind the mammary gland or behind the muscle.

And lastly, they can be silicone gel or saline solution implant fillings. Each subject will be discussed specifically with each patient, so that there would not be any doubts previous to the placement of the implant.

The surgery is carried out under local anesthesia and sedation. It is an ambulatory procedure and it doesn’t require hospitalization.

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